Retro Bowl Update Adds Awards to Stat Screen, QB Speed Increase, Weather Has More Impact on Catching & Much Mor

The updates keep coming for Retro Bowl, as another one has just arrived for both iOS and Android devices. Quite a few fixes, tweaks and additions were added.

Check out the full patch notes below.

  • Fixed bye week bug
  • Fixed coach level up bug
  • Fixed twitter/discord buttons
  • Fixed color picker crash
  • Fixed game over after 2 FGs in OT
  • Fixed missing draft page
  • Fixed yardage when receiver knocked backwards
  • Fixed play-offs reached stat
  • Reduced pass interference
  • Tweaked awards
  • Added awards to stat screen
  • HOF slots increased to 50
  • Tweaked RB effectiveness
  • Tweaked stamina
  • Kicker won’t get injured if he doesn’t kick
  • Max of 2 concurrent injuries after level 5 rehab
  • QB speed increase
  • Tweaked OL strength and rating
  • Weather has more impact on catching/less on fumbles
  • Reduced “criticise team” effect
  • Increased “fine player” effect
  • Added trade deadline reminder
  • Added conference champs message
  • Fixed cam zoom when driving right
  • Added roof, weather and endzone color to editor
  • Audibles reset at half-time
  • Restart page shows all results with point differential
  • Remaining picks displayed on draft and free agent screens
  • Remaining picks displayed when player has a trade offer
  • Increased max chars for short team to 4
  • Fixed not allowing facility upgrade in week 1 after changing team
  • Fixed qb sack/run bug
  • Cleveland helmet updated (editor > Cleveland > restore defaults)

Also, just in case you missed it, here is our Retro Bowl review.

In the end, Retro Bowl is quite possibly the most fun mobile game I have ever played. Sure, there’s only so much you can do before you’re just playing tirelessly through each season with hopes of winning back-to-back titles. But for a game that seems so simple, it’s anything but simple. As you progress deeper into a season, the game seems to get much harder, and you will need to prioritize the players you sign via free agency and the draft. After spending the last week with the game, it has lived up to the hype and much more.

Credit: Retro Bowl Update Adds Awards to Stat Screen, QB Speed Increase, Weather Has More Impact on Catching & Much More – Operation Sports